Find the Right DC Bus Tour for Your Needs

There are many Washington, D.C., bus tours that use large charter buses. Charter buses are a great way for small private groups to travel in safety and comfort at an affordable price. A large charter bus offers a variety of amenities that allow passengers to be as comfortable as possible throughout their trip.

But what are some important things you should consider when choosing a company? Our team at DC Trails offers some suggestions.


You can charter a bus for a small group of people at an affordable price when you compare how much it would cost everyone to individually drive their own vehicle. When your group consists of 40 to 60 people, the cost is not only affordable but can be a determining factor in how you decide to travel. Chartered tours may also receive discounts on admission prices simply due to the large number of people in the party.

Type of Tour

There are many types of tours in the Washington DC area. The number of historical sites alone is staggering and can fill more than just one day. Depending on how large of an area you want to cover, there are many historic landmarks in the surrounding communities as well. The area is also well-known for non-historic landmarks as well. No matter what type of tour you choose, you will ride in comfort throughout your trip when you choose a DC charter bus to carry you from place to place.


The type of tour you choose will determine its length. If you want to stop at each landmark to take photos and explore the area, you will see fewer sites, but may be gone much longer than if you simply drove through Washington, D.C., looking at the sites from a distance. This is true for restaurant and wine tasting tours as well. Some wine houses offer a tour of their facility which can take an hour or two to complete. There are many beautiful areas to visit and designing your own tour will allow you to see exactly the things you want.

With DC Trials, you can travel economy, standard or luxury and see many different historical and fun sites. Contact us today to find out what kind of tours are available.